Thursday, July 7, 2011


Just a few things I wanted to tell you about. I made a links page. There is a button on there if you would like to link to me. I will be making a banner soon. If you want to be affiliates contact me HERE.

Also the other day B posted a comment letting me know that Fileserve was making her wait 10 hours between downloads. This is unacceptable. After looking at all the different hosting sites I decided that Mediafire was the best. So now all files can also be downloaded from Mediafire as well. I left up the Filserve links because I constantly have problems downloading from Mediafire. 99% of the time the page either automatically reloads before the download link is loaded, or it will reload the page when I click the link instead of starting the download. Very frustrating.

Thanks B for letting me know there was a problem. And a huge thanks to everyone that has posted a comment. I really love hearing you like my creations. Well I'm off to play some more. I should have another update soon. Have a great day.

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