Friday, June 10, 2011

Black and White Photo Set

11 Beautiful black and white photos for your walls. They are all pictured with a black frame. The frame is CASTable. Enjoy!

Requires HELS

Download Sims3Pack

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  1. Really like to have these painting, but waiting another 10 hrs to download kind of sucks. Oh well, if I remember to come back I will.

  2. Hi B,

    I am so sorry about this. I knew there might be a wait time between downloads with FileServe. In their FAQs they say "We have set the priority that Premium members will always have the bandwidth privilege first and foremost. The only restriction you may experience as a free member is a wait time in between downloading the files." They do not state anywhere how long that wait time is. Not only does 10 hrs suck it is totally ridiculous. I figure it was maybe 10 or 20 mins as all of the other free file hosts I have ever downloaded a file from never had one that was longer then that. I want to assure everyone that I am in the process of finding a new file host.

  3. Thanks for responding. I was decorating a lot that I was editing and really thought about these pictures. That is how I remembered to get them. :) Thanks again for creating and sharing them.