Saturday, May 28, 2011

Mystique Tyler *CC FREE*

Well here she is. My self sim Mystique Tyler.

Friday, May 27, 2011

The Covington

A beautiful 3 bed 3 bath house. It has a large yard, office and detached garage. The nursery is on the 1st floor for convenience. The laundry room is off the kitchen and features the best laundry care appliances. The large living room is spacious and features a painters nook.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Sunset Wash & Nosh

The owner of the Boxcar Diner bought the building next door and converted the 1st floor into a sleek and cheery laundromat. Grab a bite to eat while your clothes are washed. There is plenty of space for folding you clothes and some comfortable seating so you can relax and read the paper while you wait. When your done the subway is just steps away.

Sunset Valley City Hall *Custom Content Free*

Sunset Valley City Hall  *CC Free*

Since the expansion packs I thought the Sunset Valley City Hall needed to be updated. I replaced the building with the city hall from Late Night freeing up much needed space in the neighborhood. I made a few small changes to the landscaping and added some spawners from the expansions. 

Requires WA, AMB, HELS, LN

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Grand Opening!

  Hi welcome to my new Sims site. I have been creating for The Sims since the original came out. I love building and decorating, as well as making object and sims. I don't have much to add today. I planned on having 2 more lots but forgot to take pics and am not at home to grab some now. I will add them as soon as possible. I have a ton of stuff in the works and even more planned. Enjoy  :)

*Maxis Makeover Stony Falls*

A beautiful makeover of Stony Falls. The kids can play while the burgers cook on the grill. Or relax in the sun while the spray from the waterfall keeps you cool. There is plenty of fish  for Dad. Also be sure to check out the hot tub grotto. It's perfect for relaxing with that special someone on a chilly night.

Requires WA, AMB, HELS, LN

Custom Content Not Included


*Mirabella Plaza No Custom Content*

A Makeover of the Sunset Valley Shopping Center. There is a Spa, Bookstore,
Grocery, and Cinema. There is also a small but pretty park. With a small pond,
fountain, and chess boards it's the perfect spot to unwind after shopping. Look
close enough and you might just find the fountain of youth.

Requires WA, AMB, HELS, LN